Jacks or Better|Get All the Essential Info Here

Jacks or Better is an exciting video poker game from Net Entertainment. It isn't a difficult game to play since it follows the conventional poker gameplay rules. If you have been playing other poker games, you shouldn't experience any challenges playing Jacks or Better. Visit to get a feel of this thrilling game. Just follow the simple instructions and you will get going.

How Do You Play Jacks or Better?

Jacks or Better may look complicated to newcomers but is actually very simple. The best way to go is by starting with the practice mode. Click on the practice mode button and get familiar with the game layout. If you are wondering how to go about it, visit to get started. You can adjust the game settings by clicking on the wrench icon.

To begin the game, click Bet Level to choose the number of coins per game. Choose your coin value and stake between 10 cents to 10 Euros per game. Next, click Deal to make the cards to show up on the screen. Winning combination cards are held automatically. You may also hold them by clicking Hold below each card. Click Draw for the next round of cards.


Can You Adjust the Settings for Jacks and Better?

Some casinos may allow you to adjust the settings of this game. You can change the settings to your liking, and enjoy the game even better. However, please keep in mind that not all settings can be adjusted. Some of the items you can change include sound effects, Fast Play, the Gamble function, and Game History (not available in Practice Mode).

Be sure of the settings you can work on. If not so sure about any settings, you may have to leave them alone. Default settings are good enough for gameplay, so you really may not need to change them. If you happen not to like any of the settings you have initiated, you simply go back to the default settings by undoing.

Strategies for Jacks or Better

A few easy strategies may increase your chances of winning at this poker game. But be careful not to stake what you can't afford to lose. Casino games are designed to make you lose! However, some tricks are available to help you to reduce the house edge, hence, improve your probability of winning. These tricks are quite useful for beginners as well as old hands.

Some of the tricks you can employ are actually no rocket science so you can easily master them. One common trick is holding all cards if you happen to have 4 to a Straight or Flush. Do the same if you are left with 3 cards to a Royal Flush. Should you have no Jacks or combinations, just deal 5 more cards.

Final Words for Jacks or Better

Like any other video poker game, Jacks or Better should be easy to master and play. All you need is pure luck, and maybe some tricks to help you to win. You can change the settings to your preferences, and begin by staking only small amounts. the rule of the thumb is to never stake what you can't afford to lose.